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Dont Panic with Andrew J.

Bücher & Nachschlagewerke
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This App is designed to help you overcome anxiety or panic.For many people certain situations make them feel very anxious or panicky. These feelings can be very difficult to deal with at the time, resulting in a loss of control. Listening to Don’t Panic will help you to recognise the onset of these feelings and teach you how to deal with them before they completely take over. Through relaxation and positive, motivational messages, Don’t Panic will empower you to:
+ recognise the early signs of anxiety or panic
+ take control of your feelings using simple, effective techniques
+ remain positive and focused+deal with situations more confidently+release yourself from this constant, underlying threat+regain your freedom and feel more relaxed
Download Don’t Panic today and takes the first step to enjoying a freer, more relaxed life.